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It's Android custom Rom again!

So I decided I needed yet another galaxy tab, and with that, I now needed to re-purpose my original galaxy tab 10.1 wifi ( GT-P7510, about 4 years old ) for my in-flight movie watching machine, seeing as all the other 10-inchers are now being used by the fam.

I went with in the end nameless-4.4.4-20140710-p4wifi-NIGHTLY after using the omni rom and being more than slightly disappointed that it didn't have any kind of web browser or play store built in, I understand it's experimental but how much can you do without a browser??

After much head-banging to try to un-install the modern Samsung USB drivers from my monster Win7 machine, I realized it just wasn't going to work without some major surgery and felt a better option was just to dig through my pile of old laptops until I found windows XP machine. After having found a trusty old Compaq c6220, the Samsung usb drivers went on like butter, Odin worked smoothly, Clockwork mod recovery-clockwork- went on great ( TWRP did NOT work openrecovery-twrp-, specific error was could not mount the /extra file system ), I was up and watching my play store movies like there was no tomorrow. Yes, had to do a cache/dalvik wipe.

That is all for now.