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About Some Dude

Brett Wolmarans hates talking about himself but has to blog to survive. He shall be referred to as this "He" for the remainder of this post.

He has worked in networking all over the world for 20+ years installing everything from green screen Gandalf stat muxes connected with leased line Motorola modems to US Robotics Total Control WAN's to Teleblazer FRAD's to X.25 systems, to 100G Ethernet.

He has worked with (almost) every protocol in the stack, programmed in BASIC, Visual Basic, JCL, Fortran, C, C++, Tcl, Python, Perl, Bash, Csh, Awk, and implemented software / firmware, daemons and GUI's on mainframe and microcomputer systems.

He works at Spirent Communciations, the worlds' largest manufacturer of network test equipment.
During this time he spent 6 years writing too many TCL Scripts for (almost) every network technology available and (almost) every major piece of test equipment available, and for (almost) every networking company in Silicon Valley. Let's talk about the scripts: Some scripts were 20 lines long, some were 5000 lines long, had dozens of procedures, and ran on 24 core's on the biggest Sun servers available at the time and did a lot of interprocess communication. The last 6 years at Spirent were spent in Marketing. TECHNICAL Marketing :-) He is not afraid of the soldering iron but doesn't get to use it very much.

At the moment, he focuses on Security and the DataCenter, as those are the interesting area of networking to him at the moment.

Resume and more stuff on Linkedin.